J&S Vets COVID-19 arrangements -
looking after you and your pet’s health.

Updated on 15th April 2020

To all our wonderful clients and pets, firstly we would like to thank you all for being so patient with the social distance protocol we have put in place to protect you and our staff during this difficult time.

We have had updated advice from the RCVS on services we can offer pets during the lock down period which is anticipated to be ongoing for quite some time!

We will of course prioritise urgent cases and we are continuing to work with separate teams and reduced staff, so your patience is much appreciated, however we are now able to offer some vaccinations/ procedures which it is ideal to carry out for the long term welfare benefit of our patients.

In general we would be able to offer the following:

  • Rabbit vaccinations- even indoor rabbits are susceptible to myxomatosis and VHD
  • Puppy vaccine courses
  • Adult dog booster at 2-3 months past due date (we are a high risk area for leptospirosis- but vaccines can go up to 3 months overdue without having to restart them
  • Cat vaccinations/boosters depending on lifestyle, if cats are kept in we would recommend waiting. We would recommend kittens generally are kept in until after neutering so the primary course in kittens can be delayed. Outside cats may be at more risk of flu especially older/more infirm cats so should ideally be vaccinated
  • Neutering - rabbits and dogs only if in mixed sex groups/household, if there are behavioural issues or a medical need (please ring us to discuss)
  • Neutering cats from 6 months old both male and female

Appointments can be booked as usual on 01353 634123

Best wishes to all of our customers and their pets, stay safe.

Jo, Cathy, and the J&S team

Updated on 24th March 2020

After Monday evening's government announcement restricting people to staying at home except under exceptional circumstances, we have altered the way we work to do our part to help protect the NHS and our community, as well as treating and caring for our patients.

It is no longer possible for members of the public to physically enter the surgery. We ask all clients to phone ahead to book appointments and to alert us to your arrival by phone whilst staying in the car. The vet will discuss things with you from a safe distance and then your pet will be examined in the surgery while you stay in the car. Your pet and any treatments will be delivered back to the car.

We have been advised that we should only see urgent cases. There has, as of yet, been no more specific guidance released. If you are not sure whether your pet needs urgent treatment we would be very happy to arrange a chat on the phone with a vet or a nurse, as every situation is different.

Repeat medications can be ordered as normal and brought out to a car, or delivered free of charge by post or hand. Please allow the usual 48 hours for medications to be ordered and dispensed.

We have been able to extend the period of time before a pill check is required from 6 to 9 months at this present time, for pets that are well and experiencing no problems with their current medications.

We are here to help you and your pets through these stressful times, please be understanding that things may take a little longer than usual, but keeping everyone safe is our top priority.

Update from 23rd March 2020

As the government and veterinary industry advice updates, we have increased our safety measures in the interests of our patients, staff and customers, and to help delay the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. Please read our latest actions carefully and comply when you visit us. We need a little extra of your help to continue serving you and your pets.

  1. 'One pet - One person' is our new mantra. Please only one person to accompany your pet into our surgeries. Others are welcome to stay in the car/car park.
  2. Clients may come into our reception areas to 'check in', and, if you bring a dog, weigh in, but then please return to your car to wait to be called. A receptionist will come and get you when your turn arrives. The aim is to reduce human contact within our premises. One in, one out!
  3. Our nurse consultations are temporarily being withdrawn. Except for post operative checks, we will not be offering nail clips, anal gland expression, nutrition consults or weigh/worm checks, excepting for puppies less than 6 months old. We can, of course, still provide you with flea/worm treatment for your animals within our care, over the counter. You can help us by checking your animals weight at home! Please phone ahead to order as we are experiencing high volumes of ordering, or if you need guidance on pet weighing tactics!

Thanks everyone for your help and understanding in these trying times,
Lets all do our best to stay safe and healthy!
The J&S Team

Original post from 21st March 2020

At Johnson and Scott Vets, the health, safety and well-being of our patients, our customers and staff as well as the wider community is our number-one priority during the current unusual circumstances.

We remain committed to delivering exceptional care to your pet, whilst doing our part to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Please note the following steps that have been taken to protect and support you and your pets for the duration of the UK epidemic.

Please do not enter the surgery if you are self-isolating.

If you are concerned about bringing your pet to either the Witchford or Littleport branch, or are self-isolating to protect yourself or loved ones, please let our receptionists know when you call by telephone. We are offering several services to help you.

‘Pet collect and return’ service from our car parks. Please phone us when you arrive in the car park. Your vet will come out to your car, discuss your needs through your window and collect your pet. The vet will examine your pet, and the same person will return your pet and any necessary medicines to your car! Your bill may be paid over the phone before you leave. This service has been running for several days and is working well. Please ensure that all animals are suitably restrained (e.g. cats in a well secured cat basket, dogs on sturdy leads).

Repeat prescription deliveries. If the current restricted movement guidelines continue, we understand that you may need further animal medicine supplies, and be unable to collect them. As of Thursday 19th March 2020 we are offering a FREE repeat prescriptions delivery service to existing clients that are self-isolating, in a high risk group, or genuinely unable to come and collect their order. Deliveries may be postal, or a personal delivery by car to those within a reasonable radius of either Witchford or Littleport surgeries. Deliveries will be coordinated by our reception and orders, payments and delivery arrangements can be made by phoning our reception on 01353 634123.

Quieter appointment times. Afternoon clinics at Witchford and Littleport are usually quieter than other times. If you want to attend when it is less likely that you will encounter other people (but are not yet self- isolating) please arrange an appointment at these times, and explain your concerns to the receptionist. We have a system in place to notify all of the clinical and reception team.

Home visits. Please note that it is almost always better to see your pet in the surgeries where we have access to all of our equipment, medicines and the support of our qualified clinical teams. If a friend, neighbour or family member can fetch your pet for you, we can assist by consulting with you and making payment arrangements via telephone. But in exceptional circumstances, including euthanasia, home visits are available as usual.

Sadly, we cannot visit a home that is currently self-isolating due to household illness or suspected COVID-19

Our standards of hygiene are very high as would be expected of veterinary clinic. We have, however, introduced additional disease control measures, including hand sanitiser for our clients to use and a frequent cleaning regime of all hard surfaces which people may come into contact with.

All of our staff are following the government’s most recent advice regarding the measures we need to take to help control the spread of COVID-19. As this will most likely result in staff shortage, please be patient with our staff remaining in work, as they may be busier than normal!

Please contact us if you’d like further advice about caring for your pet over the coming months. Any updates on our service delivery arrangements will be posted here.

Call us when you need us! 01353 634123.

With best regards

Cathy, Jo, and the J&S Team